About US


Be yourself and be free! With love and confidence always!

AMORETU aims to provide ideal, professional and affordable "luxury". Simple but not that simple. Amoretu's basic items - shirts, tops, tops, dresses and accessories - are made with the simplest and detailed design, exquisite and soft fabrics, and easily match any other single product. It can be worn continuously for a long time without being bound by the trend of the times.

Our Mission
Amoretu is an online fashion store, focusing on women's outfits. We are a professional advisor at your casual wear: t shirts, tops, blouses, dresses, and skirts.

All of our products are created by own-brand manufacturer factory. We emphasizes precision and keeps attention on details and style.

Simplicity, elegance, comfort and freedom! Live relaxed and embrace the simplicity of natural living. It's our attitude and what we want to bring to you.