•  Q:Are there special discounts for wholesale purchase?

  •  Q:Any physical store?

  •  Q:All items in stock online? What if unavailable?

  •  Q:Why the color of received clothing is a little different from what I saw online?


  •  Q:How to make sure that my order is paid successfully?

  •  Q:Why I still received the unpaid email from you after the payment was finished and confirmed letter was received?

  •  Q:Why don’t I receive any confirmed emails or replies after placing order?

  •  Q:How can I check my order’s status?

  •  Q:How can I cancel my order?

  •  Q:What can I do if something went wrong with the order?


  •  Q:Do you ship worldwide?

  •  Q:How can i find out where my package is?

  •  Q:How long can i receive my items?

  •  Q:Why the tracking number can’t work when I try to check the order status?

  •  Q:Will I be charged extra fees when sign for the parcel?

  •  Q:What should I do if my parcel seemed to be missing?

  •  Q:Is the packaging discreet?


  •  Q:What payment methods can I use online?

  •  Q:What should I do if the payment failed even tried several times?

  •  Q:What if I have been refunded an incorrect amount?

  •  Q:How long can I receive my refund?


  •  Q:What if I received wrong or faulty item?

  •  Q:How can I return and exchange the products?


  •  Q:Do I need register before purchase?

  •  Q:What if I've forgotten my login details?

  •  Q:How do I change my personal details?