Fashion Jam: Underwear matters

UNDERWEAR is a garment that some women are willing to spend a lot of money on – to pamper themselves or to feel good wearing – while some women just regard it as something to be worn underneath their clothes and not worth putting much thought into.

Sexy Underwear
Do not underestimate it!
UNDERWEAR was originally designed to serve several purposes: changing a woman’s shape, preserving her modesty and for hygiene reasons. Women have worn rib-crushing corsets, bandaged their chests to get an androgynous silhouette and burned their bras as a statement of liberation – put mildly, underwear matters.

From bloomers to thongs, and pointy brassieres to push-up bras, the history of lingerie reveals a lot about women’s changing role in society: both how we perceive ourselves and how we are viewed by others. It’s fascinating to see how lingerie has changed over the last hundred years.

It starts on the inside
JUST because you can’t see underwear, don’t think it doesn’t matter. Nobody can see your thoughts either, but they’re the engine of your life. The truth is that your undies lurk under there all day, sending a message to you about who you are and what you deserve.

If your underwear no longer has the same shape, or has turned into the colour of a weak latte, or simply doesn’t look the same as when you bought it, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Less is more …
FOR MEN’S underwear, one rule applies: less is more. And with that I don’t mean the size of the fabric and looking like a Chippendale, but the colours and the patterns.

I felt obliged to do some research on the subject and went on to the website of Bjorn Borg, which in its glory days did some great underwear for men. Boy, was I in for a shock!

One of its (according to the website) best-selling patterns nearly made me blind. It really caught my attention though, I had to click on it. The description underneath said: “Wearing a dark suit to work every day? With these multicoloured shorts you can still make sure you get your daily dose of colour.”

Don’t believe in Superman
NO! I can think of a million other ways of getting your daily dose of colour. I would rather pour a bucket of paint over my head than have to see those as my daily dose. Please guys – that is not the way to do underwear!!! We do not want men wearing underwear with the Simpsons or Superman and abstract patterns. Black, grey, white and navy go a long way. Underwear is not supposed to be funny.

Bjorn is not the only one getting it all wrong though – he’s got plenty of friends thinking comedy underwear will work miracles. They should have a talk with Calvin. He knows exactly how it should be done.

Raising the wunderbar
Meanwhile, one Danish underwear brand, Alexander Cobb, has taken it to an altogether different level. It uses micro-capsules in its underwear fabric filled with strawberry and vanilla fragrance, which last for approximately ten washes. I’m just at a loss for words!

Well, it’s really nice to know that we can trust the Danes to come up with really useful inventions. It’s sobering to think how we used to survive without the Wunderbaum-effect underwear.

5 Ways to Create Romance for Valentine’s Day

I used to be a cynic of Valentine’s Day. A cash grab day of cheesy gifts and mediocre service by overburdened workers. I certainly don’t want to sound ungrateful to past loves that made a romantic day solely for my pleasure. But their sincere efforts always felt contrived, like they were forced into it by guilt.

Now married for several years I’ve had to reevaluate my crotchety old belief system. I’ve come to appreciate the importance of looking for reasons to be romantic with the person I’ll be spending many, many years with.

Valentine’s Day is our once a year reminder that it is extremely important to show our partner a little bit of romance; especially since romance is a much needed balm to rub on a super busy, letting-our-relationship-coast lifestyle.
Sexy Lingerie
How to create the best Valentine’s Day
My definition of romance is doing things to make your partner feel special. Luckily, there are many ways you can do this. Giving gifts and fancy dinners is one great way to show your amour. My preferred way is to give the gift of your time, attention and appreciation: it is, after all, the very best foreplay for women.

Don’t know where to start? Think about who you were at the start of your relationship—when everything was sparkly, fun and the sex was amazing. The reason things were so great is you were putting your best foot forward in order to woo your beloved and, therefore, there was a lot of built-in romance. It’s a big reason people look back at that time with such fondness.

Luckily there are five easy ways for you to bring back some of that magic. It takes very little planning, and the best part is it’s absolutely free.

1. Look for reasons to laugh and smile at your partner. Laughing and smiling is an offshoot of flirting. Flirting with your partner can be incredibly sexy and make the two of you feel so very special. Simply look into your partner’s eyes and give them your best authentic smile. I warn you, smiling is contagious. They might just smile back and you’ll share a special moment.

2. Make sure to fuss over your appearance. It’s really nice to make an effort to look good, simply for your partner’s satisfaction. Go on, pluck hairs, dab fragrance, brush teeth, fix hair, put on your best underwear and dressing-up clothes. Scrubbing up will make you feel great about yourself and your partner feel special.

3. Let your partner overhear you bragging about them to someone. Do you remember when you were a little kid overhearing your parents brag about you? That special feeling doesn’t stop just because we’re adults. Why not say something nice to someone else about your partner when they are within earshot? They’ll be walking on cloud nine for a week.

4. Listen and be interested in what they are saying. Too many couples stop listening to what their partner is saying: hearing enough “verbal clips” to interject an intelligent grunt when necessary. Really listening to your partner shows that you truly care about what they have to say and makes them feel valued.

5. Initiate something different and fun. Create a shared moment that you can remember fondly for a few months to come. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does mean doing something outside your regular routine. Have a carpet picnic, leave a love note, feed each other nibbles, share a special bottle of wine. It’s not so much what you do, rather that you did something that means so much.

Take time out on Valentine’s Day to give your partner the gift of you at your finest. You never know, you might have such a wonderful time you will want to create romance more than just once a year.