Fifty Shades of lingerie! Tesco launch kinky Christmas underwear inspired by erotic novel

THE supermarket giant has launched a racy collection of lingerie inspired by the hit bonkbuster

This Christmas you can act like Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Tesco’s new erotic underwear.
Sexy Lingerie
Fifty Shades Of Grey author EL James has created a kinky range of lingerie and pyjamas inspired by her hit book, for the store.

So while you’re stocking up on mince pies and mulled wine this Christmas, you can also grab yourself a pair of kinky knickers and a sensual babydoll.

Following the huge success of their first Fifty Shades Of Grey underwear launch in September, the supermarket giant has come up with the new Christmas offering.

Created by author EL James, who was involved in every step of the design process, the new range includes ‘dark sensual pieces with a hint of decadence’.

The collection, which features 19 sexy sheer items for the bedroom, has already launched in stores nationwide.

The racy boudoir designs include an enchanting ‘Seduction’ collection with daring plunge bras and matching thongs with delicate sheer panels.

And a kinky Temptation set which include a bespoke signature lace featuring the Fifty Shades of Grey mask.

Other racy pieces include a sheer Babydoll in black and raunchy ‘No Peeping’ Tie Side Knickers and Eye-mask sets.

The sexy jewel-coloured lingerie sets are perfect for those wanting to spice things up in the bedroom and the plush fabrics and kinky masks will certainly get pulses racing this Christmas.

E L James, who was involved at every stage of the creative process, says: “For the Christmas collection we wanted dark and sensual pieces with a hint of decadence.

“We went for rich, deep red and midnight black to create a forbidden allure, and used signature embroidered elements and silk trimmings to add a touch of festive luxury”.

“Designing the collection was a very organic process. It was important that every piece should be distinctly Fifty Shades, so we included iconic elements such as the Fifty Shades mask in the lace embroidery for the Seduction range, and a crystal key charm for the silk Temptation”.

The lingerie range embraces women of all sizes with bras from 32B to 38DD and briefs from size eight to 20.

With one in every four books of the global bestseller sold in Tesco stores, we expect the range to be a sellout hit.

The collections will be available in 200 Tesco stores exclusively from November and online via

What Do Women Buying Lingerie Want? Not Blondes, Apparently

Sexy Lingerie
What do women want? That age-old question is usually the precursor to sexist statements about how nobodyknows — because dames, amirite? But, it turns out that when it comes to what women buying lingerie want, there’s date to provide a straightforward answer.

Fast Company reports that Adore Me, an up-and-coming lingerie e-comm site, conducts extensive image testing on its website to see which photos prompt women to click.

The brand shoots multiple versions of its product images, featuring different models wearing the same undies, the same models in different positions and different settings, and runs what’s known in the industry as “A/B Tests.” These tests (which R29 and many other companies use), randomly serve up one photo to half of visitors, and a different pic to the other half. The photo that receives the most clicks is then used on the site.

And, the results of thousands of such tests are interesting to say the least. Adore Me found that its customers are way more likely to purchase lingerie shown on brunette models than blondes. Photos containing props get fewer clicks (but couches are okay). In-your-face sexiness is a no-go, which is why Adore Me doesn’t do your standard “open-mouthed model vamping in boudoir” shots. And, customers respond to subtleties in poses in a remarkably consistent way: The hand on hip pose, not so much. But, when a model touches her hair, product sales can double.

Adore Me’s research shows that this kind of testing really matters — and the fact that the brand has grown to one earning $5.6 million in revenue in just four years bears that out. Read more about the data of what women do and don’t want at Fast Company — including heartening info on how data testing actually results in a more diverse cast of models.

8 of the Worst Office Christmas Gifts Ever

The majority of companies have holiday parties, and for those who do, it becomes somewhat of a tradition. Many employees actually enjoy these parties — they may even look forward to them. “Remember last year’s Christmas party when Sue got so drunk that she fell off of the table?” members of the office staff will say nostalgically throughout the year.

A survey by the executive search firm Battalia Winston found that 91% of offices planned to throw a holiday party during the 2012 holiday season. Is your company throwing a party this year? Does your workplace have a Secret Santa program?

Secret Santa pools are fun, but they are also somewhat of a challenge. “What the heck do I buy for Dave over in payroll? I’ve never even met the guy,” you may think to yourself after drawing his name from the hat. Because people have no idea what to get their coworkers as gifts, sometimes, Secret Santa arrangements end up being more of a disaster than anything else.
Sexy Lingerie
A study by Consumer Reports from a few years back found that around 30% of people agree that coworkers and bosses gift the worst holiday gifts. These are the cases where one coworker hands another a nicely wrapped box full of something completely inappropriate, something insinuating the completely wrong message, or something that’s just plain wrong.

We’ve created a list of some of these gift-giving fails. These are the absolute worst gifts that one professional can give to another. And, although they are kind of funny, you do not one to be the one giving a gift like any of these.

Lingerie or an intimate coupon

So, you draw Sue’s name from the hat and you know she’s a happily married women. Her husband would love for her to have sexy lingerie, wouldn’t he? What about Dave? He looks like he’s stressed; maybe you should give him a coupon for “one free massage?” Your significant other loves those cute little coupon books you make, so Dave will too, right?

Wrong. Can you even imagine? Glaring at Dave as he opens your creepy present? You smile at him and crack your knuckles.

As crazy as this all sounds, this hasn’t stopped office staff members from giving these types of gifts. In a CBS News article, a women named Allison describes how a few years ago, her boss gave her “a pack of wine coolers and a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret.”

A self-help (or how to do your job better) book

If you draw your bosses name, would you ever think about giving him a book entitled Management for Dummies or Manager to Leader: Skills and Insights for a Successful Transition?

What about the fictional Sue from payroll who enjoys a few too many cocktails at the company party? Would you give her The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Business Etiquette or The Alcoholic Society: Addiction and Recovery of the Self?

These books almost always send out the wrong message: You are not very good at life, here’s a book to help you.

Something used

Some people wait until the last minute to buy a gift for the secret Santa pool, and instead of quickly buying a gift card (or even giving cash), they decide to re-gift an item they’ve already received. Now, in some cases, the re-gift works out — it’s still in the original packaging, and the other party actually likes the present better than they would have.

But it’s generally best to refrain from pushing the idea of re-gifting to the extreme and giving a coworker the shirt you wore yesterday, a toaster you’ve already used all week (with crumbs in it), or something that’s non-functional.

Toiletries or beauty products

Perfume, deodorant, or any other hygiene product is never a good idea for an office gift. You should think twice before giving a colleague anything that could insinuate that he or she smells bad or looks bad in any way.

“It’s one thing to give a manicure, which is fun and relaxing,” says Constance Hoffman of Social and Business Graces, Inc. in an IAAP publication, “but it’s another to offer a session of hair coloring.” It’s also another thing to say, “here’s a gym membership.”

A Bible or religious gifts

The holidays are a time of togetherness and celebrating one’s faith. Religion is something that a lot of people don’t talk about in the office (because, of course, religion talk in the office is a big no-no). So, you may not know your gift recipient’s faith.

CBS spoke with a women whose extremely religious boss handed out books that’s titles began with phrases like “answers to all the big questions in life” and “why other religions are wrong.” This makes others uncomfortable, and it’s just plain inappropriate

Anything marijuana-related

So, this is the first holiday season where people in some parts of the country can walk into a shop and buy marijuana. However, just because it’s legal in the state where you live, this does not mean that it’s a good idea to give a coworker marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia, or marijuana decor — like a pot leaf ornament — for a holiday gift.

Even if you know the recipient well, and know that they are for legalization (maybe they even use marijuana during their off time), it’s still a horrible idea to bring anything related to marijuana to the office holiday party. This is still a hot-button issue and not everyone is comfortable with marijuana, plus, legal or illegal, you can still get fired for using the substance.

A 10% off coupon

As the subject of many sitcoms, the old “here’s a coupon for 10% off at my store if you buy 20 items” gift makes fun of just how cheap people can really be. Gifts where the recipient has to shell out money to redeem the gift’s value are not really gifts, they’re deals. You don’t want to be the one who gave your colleague a deal for Christmas.

Is Lingerie the Perfect Present for Your Valentine?

Next to red roses and a box of chocolates, it’s the most cliché Valentine’s Day gift. So why continue the tradition of buying blushworthy unmentionables once the calendar nears February 14? SLM turned to two lingerie-shop owners, Beverly

Russina of Beverly’s Hill (1309 Washington, 314-621-1633, and Suzanne Gastineau of Jule Lingerie & Loungewear (9757 Clayton, 314-983-9282, to find out more about the tradition.
Sexy Lingerie
So why is lingerie the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift?

SG: It’s really an expected gift. People associate the holiday with love. Lingerie represents intimacy, and you hope that the two go together.

What do you expect to be your best seller this Valentine’s?

BR: Silk is very popular. We have some beautiful camis, silk robes, and thongs from Mary Green that you can mix and match. SG: Anything red. It could be as simple as some Hanky Panky thongs to a full bustier-and-undies set.

Who buys more lingerie around this time of year?

SG: It varies by age. Younger buyers tend to go for sexy lingerie, such as a bustier and garter belt. Once they’ve been married for a few years, they tend to buy more traditional items, such as a chemise or cami/undies set. Not to say these aren’t sexy, but they just don’t have that same sexy image.

What’s the best way to determine someone’s size without asking?

SG: When you’ve been in the business for a while, you get to be pretty good at guessing. It’s not always perfect, but it’s close. If you’re not sure, it’s always safe to ask the person if they’re a smaller size; that way you don’t have to worry about offending anyone.

If a man is embarrassed about shopping for lingerie in the store, what advice do you have?

BR: We do have everything in the store online at We offer free shipping, so they don’t have to be in the store to buy it.

SG: If they’re not comfortable looking at the lingerie, a gift certificate is always perfect.

Have there been any embarrassing moments in your store?

SG: There have been a couple of “gross” ones related to men trying on women’s underwear. Needless to say, that isn’t allowed anymore!

Is it OK for women to buy lingerie to wear as a present for a man? SG: Definitely. When a woman buys lingerie to wear for a man, it shows that she’s still interested in their love life. BR: We’ve had that happen—it wasn’t for Valentine’s Day, but it was for an anniversary, and they were taking a cruise. We have the men’s store, too, so she picked out his gift, and he did the same for her. And they opened their presents on the cruise.

When might it be an inappropriate gift?

SG: In a new relationship. It can set expectations from either side and possibly make the other person feel uncomfortable.

When lingerie becomes couture…

Sexy Lingerie
From the catwalks to the boutiques, luxury lingerie chooses to play the exceptional card. Although it isn’t easy to renew the small but also very technical and intimate garments, the biggest brands and the designers respond to the demand and create something completely unique.

Just like at Maison Lejaby who made the call to the young designer Léa Peckre to collaborate on a line, this time mixing clothes and lingerie.Another example at Agent Provocateur, which like the name suggests, stays in exuberance but in this exclusive salon, only accessible to those members, where there are no limits.But the true and exceptional new thing can be found at La Perla, where the great Italian brand has launched it’s made to measure line, available worldwide.Interview: Béatrice Molkou: Here, we’ve gone even further in the luxury, La Perla decided to create a collection made to measure where the clients come to the boutique, we take the measurements using the most precise charts, then the sizes or the details are sent to the atelier in Italy, where in one month the head of the studio with the seamstresses prepare the piece for our client, which is then delivered to a shop of choice or even to the client themself.

This time we incorporate 18 carat gold, the gold thread has a certificate of authentication that you can see here, confirmed by a jeweler, and it is then worked and wound in silk or cotton and after applied like a normal thread in embroidery, in couture, but made to measure. Perla is the haute couture of lingerie. It is for these women who wear haute couture clothes and who often only choose Perla lingerie and it’s for them that we created it for. It is the exact size, so it’s like she doesn’t even feel the lingerie, it’s like a second skin, as the fitting is so perfect.

Laundry Care for Your Sexy Lingerie

Taking care of your sexy lingerie as you would take care of any other quality garment is very important. Your goal should be to make it last as long as possible. What this means is that your lingerie needs to be treated differently than you would treat your regular garments. You should always make it a point to read the label on your lingerie in order to get the proper washing instructions. 
Sexy Lingerie
The best method is to hand-wash all your lingerie in cold water. Hot washing could shrink your lingerie, especially satin lingerie by 10% to 20% in size. When you are washing your bras, panties, nightgowns and any other lingerie, be sure to use using a mild detergent like Woolite. You should let them soak for about 3 minutes. Most regular detergents contain extremely harsh chemicals that can damage your lingerie. 

If you insist on washing your bras in the washing machine, you should first place them in a Lingerie Wash Bag. This mesh bag will help keep the bras from being wrapped around the agitator. This protects your bra from being stretched out and if your bra is under wired, it protects the under wire from being twisted and puncturing the bra material. Also try to avoid placing your bras, panties and other lingerie in the dryer. The heat of the dryer breaks down the Lycra, spandex and elastic. 

Lingerie Laundry Tips 

When machine washing is recommended, wash on the delicate cycle with other delicate fabrics. 

Do not wring lingerie. Wringing, even hand wringing, can cause wrinkles and creases which may be difficult to get out. It is better to gently squeeze out the excess water or press the garment between two clean, dry towels to remove the excess water and then allow the garment to drip dry. 

Line drying or drip dry is always the best choice since a hot dryer shortens the life of the fabric. However, if you use the dryer, set the controls on delicate or even air dry. If a label suggests hand washing, use a cleansing product designed for delicate fabrics. 

For machine washable bras, fasten hooks and eyes to avoid tangling, then place bras in a lingerie bag before washing on the delicate cycle in cool water with gentle detergent. Air-dry only. 

Silk should be hand washed in cold water and dried flat. Wash colors separately. Do not bleach lingerie. 

Remember, if in doubt, read the label. If it says “Dry Clean Only”, there is a reason. Everything else can almost always be hand washed.

Underwear uncovered

Underwear as outerwear is the hottest fashion trend of 2014.

Ladies underwear is hitting the streets as fashionistas and celebrities are going out wearing little more than their bras and panties while looking put together and chic.

Singers Rita Ora, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are all frontrunners of the underwear as outerwear trend, regularly stepping outside looking as if they had forgotten to put on their skirts.

The key to translating this look to everyday wear is to keep yourself covered with either a well-fitted bra top or high waisted panties. Never expose both at the same time.
Sexy Lingerie
Times change

A few years ago, underwear was all about the thong. It peeked out of the waistband of pants and showed off its curves. Anything bigger than a thong was considered undesirable.

We all remember that scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary. Daniel Cleaver looks at Bridget and describes her underwear as “absolutely enormous panties”. But fashions have changed since then with these so called “granny panties” becomingly increasingly flattering and desirable.

Burlesque dancer Dita von Teese is one of the celebrities who been instrumental in driving this trend, often appearing in public and photographed wearing nothing more than her provocative undergarments.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported earlier this year one retailer had seen a 132 percent increase in chemise sales.

Cosmopolitan magazine proclaimed The thong is dead!, citing fading popularity and overexposure as reasons for its disappearance into obscurity.

But what undergarment is taking its place in pop culture? That would be the high waisted panty or boy short.

Top tips

Lingerie designer Jennifer Zuccarini recently shared her five rules of wearing this trend with Vogue.

*Curate a lingerie wardrobe – Invest in pieces you’ll be proud to show off like a satin black bra, high waisted panties and a bustier.

*Don’t fear the pantyline – Let your highwaisted panties be seen under something sheer.

*Experiment with colour – Steer clear of nude and black this season by intentionally showing off something colourful and lacy.

*Try a triangle bra – And try it in an unexpected fabric. Think about a leather strap peeking out from under a silky slip dress.

*Check out the rear view – When wearing high waisted panties, make sure to look behind you to ensure they’re a flattering fit.


7 Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

During the busy holiday season, romance can take a back seat to working overtime, shopping, taking care of the kids and quite frankly, year-end burnout. That’s why it’s more important than ever, during this time, to inject romance often and keep it alive and well. It starts with everyday gestures, like being nice to one another even though your day was complete chaos or doing out-of-the-ordinary things that your spouse would usually do. These small acts of kindness can lead to even greater sex. The tips below are free, fun and exciting and can make the perfect gift anytime of the year.

Take time and plan for the tips that may require privacy from the kids. Many of them can be done at night while they are sleeping or out of the house with family, friends or neighbors. Be creative and build excitement by finding ways to make them work.

Sexy Lingerie

Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Women:

1. Rub-a-dub-dub. Light candles around the tub and draw your wife a hot bubble bath filled with her favorite bath products. Make a point of undressing her and helping her into the tub. Start by washing her back then move to everywhere else. Really get into it by taking your time. Let her relax in the tub for 10 minutes alone. Meanwhile, heat a towel in the dryer so you can dry her off and carry her to bed.

2. Work out the kinks. Exercise self-control and give her a full body massage, until she is totally relaxed and ready for sleep. Remember that if you make the night all about her, you’ll reap the rewards the next night for not expecting anything in return!

3. A little touch goes a long way. While shopping, at a movie or taking a walk together, hold her hand; link your arm through hers while you’re walking together; or place your palm on the small of her back when standing beside her. Those tender gestures won’t go unnoticed.

4. Show love to her digits. Give her a pedicure. Start by washing her feet. Next, massage her feet and legs. Finally, apply her favorite nail polish!

5. Attend to her locks. Brush her hair at night. This can be very sensual. Be sure to use a brush, not a comb. And don’t pull. Be gentle combing with one hand while stroking her head and hair. If you encounter a tangle, hold the hair above the tangle, and gently work it out.

6. Simple words go a long way. Tell her you love her. Seems obvious, but many men overlook this. Women like to hear it—and often. Create a video telling her just how much you love her and why.

7. Stop the clock. Give her the gift of time. Take over a chore that your wife normally does. Tell her you want her to relax and take it easy. If she normally cooks supper, you do it and clean the kitchen. You will win major brownie points for your actions.

Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Men:

1. Do something different. Instead of a massage, graze your nails lightly down his bare back and legs (make sure your nails are filed or manicured). Nice, slow and concentrated will send shivers of pleasure through his body.

2. Grant his wishes. Let your husband have one fantasy a month you fulfill. To make it work best, and to insure it’s something you are not opposed to, make up a list for him to choose from. Consider it a great plan for a date night.

3. Strike a pose. Invite your sister or close girlfriend over and have her take some sexy yet tasteful pictures of you. Create a mini photo album and give it to him as a gift. Write a one or two line sexy note to insert in between photos. It will be something totally unexpected and special. And of course meant for his eyes only!

4. Write it down. Pen an erotic short story for him. You don’t have to write a book, just focus on a short story, something that you know will turn him on. He will see a new and exciting dimension to you after that.

5. Lose the layers. Put on some sexy lingerie, turn down the lights, turn on the romantic music, lose your inhibitions, and then slowly strip the clothes off while he watches layer by layer.

6. A free pass. Ladies, go a week without asking your husband to do anything. Give him his space. This simple act will go a long way with him.

7. Help him out of the gate. One night a week lay out his clothes for work including his underwear, socks, belt, shoes, tie, etc. When he wakes up, all he has to do is shower and he’s out the door. For an added bonus, if you normally don’t prepare his breakfast, do it!


Habits every woman must ditch

While most of us make it a point to eat healthy and exercise as often as possible, we tend to ignore other simple things that actually take a toll on our well-being.

Find out if you are compromising on your health everyday by indulging in these habits that you must say goodbye to pronto…

Sexy Lingerie

Wearing heels often
Do your back and feet a favour and keep the high heels only for special occasions. Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian may swear by their towering stilettos but they also have a battery of help to cater to their every need. An alarming number of women have started wearing heels on a daily basis, or every other day. And experts say that wearing high heels affects posture, puts a lot of pressure on joints, and at times even lead to conditions like painful bunions, hammer toes, back pain and arthritis. Not to mention the risk of twisting your leg and falling down.


Damage control: Ensure that if you have to wear heels often, they aren’t more than 1.5 inches. Alternatively, carry a pair of flats while you travel and wear heels only for some time. Rest your feet after wearing heels by soaking feet in warm water.

Lugging around a heavy handbag
Most womens hangbags weigh an average two to five kilos. Shocked? You should be. The sheer number of things women keep and carry in their handbags can scare most men off.

But carrying around such heavy bags put your health at risk — you’re inviting a health problems like back, neck and shoulder pain. Your posture also goes for a toss — lugging around a heavy bag will make you slouch sooner or later.

Damage control: Make it a habit to empty your bag every week or two and carry only absolutely necessary items. Or even better — switch to a smaller bag to avoid the temptation of putting more things in your handbag.

Not removing your makeup at night
Sometimes even the most meticulous women give in and don’t remove their makeup before turning in at night. While this cardinal sin is a strict no-no, what you should know is that leaving makeup on all night is inviting skin problems. Your face needs to be cleaned of the makeup, dirt and oil at the end of the day or you will face problems like clogged pores, tired looking skin and pimples. Wearing eye makeup overnight can cause eye irritation or even infection.

Damage control: Keep a bottle makeup remover and cotton swabs right next to your bed so that no matter how tired you are, you can just reach out and remove the makeup.

Trying to outdo men at drinking
Among those women who feel they can drink as much as men if not more? Do yourself a favour and stay away from such drinking competitions. On an average, women not only weigh lesser than men, they also have lesser body water to dilute the alcohol, meaning they get drunk faster. Not to mention the damage you do to your liver by these binge drinking sessions.

Damage control: Let the men drink themselves silly. Recognise your limits and stick to them.

Wearing ill-fitting bras
Over a whopping 65% of women are thought to wear the wrong sized bra. And wearing an ill-fitting bra can have repurcussions like neck, back and breast pain, bad posture, skin irritation and even breathing problems. Not only will your clothes sit badly on you but you will also slouch a bit.
Damage control: Go to a lingerie store and get yourself measured by an expert so that you know your exact size. And since womens bodies tend to change, get yourself measured once a year.

Dwelling over the past
When you refuse to let go or stop thinking of your past or worrying incessantly about the future, you are damaging your present as well your future. Mental stress can drain you of energy and affect you in more ways than you realise. And according to studies, women have a higher chance of suffering from stress-related disorders than men.
Damage control: If you find yourself depressed or anxious, ask yourself what is causing it. Is it a broken relationship or health woes? Address the problem at the root and don’t be afraid of asking for help.

Worrying about looks
Vanity affects both the sexes but it affects a far larger number of women than men. And women have a range of body issues, which can take a toll on them mentally. Going on numerous diets, having eating disorders and undergoing excessive cosmetic surgery can cause you physical harm.

Damage control: Toss those beauty magazines in the trash and improve your body image by making a conscious effort. Be happy with what you’ve been given.

Emotional eating
When was the last time you reached out for that comfort food and guiltily ate it? Women are genetically more emotional than men while comfort eating affects both sexes, it is said that men tend to eat emotionally when they’re happy and women when they are upset. And women tend to satiate their cravings with sweet, high calorie foods instead of healthier options.

Damage control: Next time instead of allowing the carvings to get the better of you (and your waistline), distract yourself with something other than food.

Not sleeping enough
Do you get your eight hours of sleep every night? Or do you scrimp and then sleep all weekend? Don’t blame a hectic lifestyle or stress on not getting enough sleep. Not only can inadequate sleep make you feel lethargic, it can also make you look like hell, apart from causing accidents, overeating and an increased heart disease risk. Sleep affects your blood pressure and mood more than it affects men.

Damage control: Go to sleep early as often as you can and wake up at the same time everyday.

Every woman’s A to Z key to winter beauty

Here’s a simple look good manual to help you sail through the harsh months.

Sexy Lingerie

Anti-ageing: Forget Botox this season and switch to organic products to fight ageing. Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi oil gives young and healthy looking skin and a natural radiance that is better than a frozen expression.

Beach bum: Get beach sexy even in eight degrees; use hydrating creams and body lotions. Try Marks & Spencer’s Magnolia Liliflora moisturising body cream or moisture-enriched lotions like VanillaVelvet, CherryBlis, Cocoa Caress and Aloesoft from Lotus Herbals.

Compact: Don’t let the weather make you blue, take to compact for a natural flush. Lakme’s limited edition Earth Rose Blush Trio offers a palette of complimenting earth shades that blend easily for a gorgeous flush or Guerlain’s Meteorites, it’s the perfect compact.

Delicious: Be kiss ready at any moment, carry your ChapStick at all times. Try Almond, hazelnut and rose vaseline from Turkish Naturelles by Eka India or Nivea’s fruity shine lip balm.

Ex-factor: Get rid of the present and prepare for the future, exfoliate your way into a LBD. Try one from Turkish Naturelles body scrub, Marks & Spencer’s Royal jelly sugar scrub or Kama Ayurveda’s Jwalini.

Facial: Even the best of skins can do with some monthly pampering, don’t hesitate and go indulge in that facial. Kaya Skin Clinic presents “Radiant Resolutions”, that will help you hold firm on your skin care vows. At home, use Eminence Sweet Cheek collection, for that juicy hydration of strawberries and rhubarb.

Glow: Get that post nooky flush… and there’s definitely an excuse for it. Try Guerlain’s Blush and Flawless Bronzing Powder for that discreet blush.

Hot cross buns: Don’t let the weather turn you on, pad up and slip into designer lingerie from Suman Nathwani’s latest collection. I: I, me, myself. Concentrate on what’s best for you and de-stress

Jiggle all away: Exercise, exercise and exercise. We cannot stress this enough and no, the cold is not a justifiable excuse.

Kohl: Play mystery girl for the day. Whether it’s black, blue or brown it’s still smokin’ hot. Start with some therapy with Turkish Naturelles Eye Healer and follow up with Lakme’s Black Satin Kajal and Eye Magic. Finish off with Chambor’s Eye shadow trio or dazzle eyeliner.

Leggy lass: Put your best foot forward, pedis cure every cold sore.

Mane alert: luscious, long and shinny. Sport the mane without the pain. Start by using Lakme Studio’s Sleek Mystique range from Catwalk by TIGI, their conditioner, Blow out Balm and Haute Iron Spray, protect your hair giving you smooth shinny look. If intensive hair treatment is required opt for KAMA Ayurveda’s Bringadi Oil .

Nail spa: Brighten up your fingers with some nail art. Try out Nail Pops from Elle 18 that’s back with Color Bombs for young trendy girls or Lakme’s True Wear nail colour in Indigos and ruby reds.

Oh my…: There’s nothing like a massage in winter to turn up the heat. Have a coconut or olive oil massage or try L’Occitane’s Peony beauty milk or Nivea’s Smooth Body Milk.

Pucker up: You don’t need a mistletoe to pucker up, pout away with Colorbar’s Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick in six shades that are drool worthy or Lakme’s enriched satin lip colour and lip palettes to let your lips do all the talking.

Quick- fix: Body mist, airbrushing, pony tails and fragrances are the best solution on a lazy winters day. Spray Paco Rabbane’s Lady Million smell like a million bucks

Rejuvenate: If you can’t get away for the holidays then make your way to the nearest spa. Visit ” Three Graces” spa for spa and lifestyle treatments that are sure to pamper, relax and rejuvenate you.

Shea butter: Butter up for baby soft skin with a dollop of shea butter, it works wonders.

Tan: Don’t shy away from soaking up the winter sun, bronze is the new fair. Guerlain’s self tan booster Huile Du Voyager is the perfect oil illuminating tan intensifier with SPF 8.

UVA- UVB: Nonetheless, if your still prefer white then protect yourself from the strong rays with sunscreen from Neutrogena and Vichy.

Vitamin E: To preserve, protect and prolong your youth, get some Vitamin E, whether it’s a tablet, oil, or gel. Guardian’s Aloevit-E capsules have a combination of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E extracts that act as an anti wrinkle treatment.

Why worry: Hairfall, acne, blemishes, delayed cycles, and wrinkles are all after effects of stress, so don’t worry, be happy!

Xfiles: Get under the covers with a good read. Snuggle up with Slam by British author Nick Hornby or get the chills with Stieg Larsson’s crime novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Youthful: Besides products, there are a host of other goodies that make you look and feel youthful. Pack up on fruit, fun and a healthy dose of flirting.

Zzzz: There’s nothing like a winter afternoon snooze or that extended slumber to keep you looking fresh.