7 Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

During the busy holiday season, romance can take a back seat to working overtime, shopping, taking care of the kids and quite frankly, year-end burnout. That’s why it’s more important than ever, during this time, to inject romance often and keep it alive and well. It starts with everyday gestures, like being nice to one another even though your day was complete chaos or doing out-of-the-ordinary things that your spouse would usually do. These small acts of kindness can lead to even greater sex. The tips below are free, fun and exciting and can make the perfect gift anytime of the year.

Take time and plan for the tips that may require privacy from the kids. Many of them can be done at night while they are sleeping or out of the house with family, friends or neighbors. Be creative and build excitement by finding ways to make them work.

Sexy Lingerie

Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Women:

1. Rub-a-dub-dub. Light candles around the tub and draw your wife a hot bubble bath filled with her favorite bath products. Make a point of undressing her and helping her into the tub. Start by washing her back then move to everywhere else. Really get into it by taking your time. Let her relax in the tub for 10 minutes alone. Meanwhile, heat a towel in the dryer so you can dry her off and carry her to bed.

2. Work out the kinks. Exercise self-control and give her a full body massage, until she is totally relaxed and ready for sleep. Remember that if you make the night all about her, you’ll reap the rewards the next night for not expecting anything in return!

3. A little touch goes a long way. While shopping, at a movie or taking a walk together, hold her hand; link your arm through hers while you’re walking together; or place your palm on the small of her back when standing beside her. Those tender gestures won’t go unnoticed.

4. Show love to her digits. Give her a pedicure. Start by washing her feet. Next, massage her feet and legs. Finally, apply her favorite nail polish!

5. Attend to her locks. Brush her hair at night. This can be very sensual. Be sure to use a brush, not a comb. And don’t pull. Be gentle combing with one hand while stroking her head and hair. If you encounter a tangle, hold the hair above the tangle, and gently work it out.

6. Simple words go a long way. Tell her you love her. Seems obvious, but many men overlook this. Women like to hear it—and often. Create a video telling her just how much you love her and why.

7. Stop the clock. Give her the gift of time. Take over a chore that your wife normally does. Tell her you want her to relax and take it easy. If she normally cooks supper, you do it and clean the kitchen. You will win major brownie points for your actions.

Free Romantic Gift Ideas for Men:

1. Do something different. Instead of a massage, graze your nails lightly down his bare back and legs (make sure your nails are filed or manicured). Nice, slow and concentrated will send shivers of pleasure through his body.

2. Grant his wishes. Let your husband have one fantasy a month you fulfill. To make it work best, and to insure it’s something you are not opposed to, make up a list for him to choose from. Consider it a great plan for a date night.

3. Strike a pose. Invite your sister or close girlfriend over and have her take some sexy yet tasteful pictures of you. Create a mini photo album and give it to him as a gift. Write a one or two line sexy note to insert in between photos. It will be something totally unexpected and special. And of course meant for his eyes only!

4. Write it down. Pen an erotic short story for him. You don’t have to write a book, just focus on a short story, something that you know will turn him on. He will see a new and exciting dimension to you after that.

5. Lose the layers. Put on some sexy lingerie, turn down the lights, turn on the romantic music, lose your inhibitions, and then slowly strip the clothes off while he watches layer by layer.

6. A free pass. Ladies, go a week without asking your husband to do anything. Give him his space. This simple act will go a long way with him.

7. Help him out of the gate. One night a week lay out his clothes for work including his underwear, socks, belt, shoes, tie, etc. When he wakes up, all he has to do is shower and he’s out the door. For an added bonus, if you normally don’t prepare his breakfast, do it!