Advice for Men


Lingerie is one of the most romantic gifts you can buy the woman you love and yet it can also be the most difficult. Questions like what colour shall I buy for her? What size is she? What type of material does she like – crisp cotton or something silky? All these questions need to be thoroughly thought about before the actual purchase is made. 


(1) What color shall I buy for her?

For the answer to this we need to look at her present wardrobe and the types of colours she wears are they bright or more conservative? Does she prefer white cotton for everyday and black lace for evenings?


(2) What is her present size?

It may seem obvious to you of course you know her size but the question you must ask yourself is how disappointed will she be if you buy her beautiful lingerie that you think will fit her and she absolutely adores only to find that it doesn’t fit her when she tries it on as it is either too big or too small? The best way to avoid mistakes like this is to take a peep into her underwear drawer and note down her size of bra that she wears on a regular basis (which will consist of a number and a letter).


(3) When will she wear it?

Ask yourself these questions. Is it for a special occasion? Is it to compliment a particular outfit? Is it for every day wear so she can feel beautiful and confident all day long? Is it a beautiful chemise, pyjama set or long nightdress and dressing gown you are thinking about buying her or a corset, stockings and suspenders? You need to ask yourself what type of lingerie does she like.


(4) What style of lingerie does she prefer?

Peep into her wardrobe and look at the styles of dresses and tops she wears? Are they low neck or high neck? Are they brightly coloured?  These will give a clue to the style of lingerie she prefers.


 (5) Recruit family and friends to help you in your quest to get  it right

Talk to her mum, sister and close friends to find out what type of bra, panties she prefers they should be able to tell you what type of bra she wears whether it be push up, full cup, padded or unpadded as well as  whether she is a thong or brief lady.


 (6) Last Note

Remember you are buying for her! Whatever you buy her she will love as it has come from you with all your love.

However if you are still really struggling why not buy her a gift voucher from Amoretu Lingerie for a treat and delicious surprise so that she can treat herself.

Or you can contact us and we will endeavour to help you make the right choice for that special lady in your life.